About Lincoln Company, LLC

We are a specialty grouting contractor.

The Lincoln Company, LLC was founded in 1984 primarily as a concrete restoration contractor by Mr. Steven M. Trout. Over the years, Lincoln has evolved into a specialty grouting contracting team made up of a group of professional problem-solvers, engineers, and experts in treating deficient soils for site redevelopment, water cutoff, and other commercial purposes. Our ongoing mission is to provide smart, often alternative, permanent solutions used for a variety of complex problems. 

Lincoln regularly consults with engineers, contractors, developers, property owners/developers, commercial building owners, and municipalities to develop innovative, cost-effective, and site-specific solutions for inadequate soils and infrastructure. 

Our soil grouting techniques are performed without excavation, with minimally-invasive and non-vibratory methods. These measures can be rapidly installed with immediate results. Grouting solves the root of the problem, providing a permanent solution by preventing future structure settlement, soil consolidation, and water infiltration.

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