Offering Smart Solutions to a Variety of Problems

Lincoln Company, LLC is a specialty grouting contractor made up of a group of professional problem solvers, engineers, and experts in treating deficient soils, site redevelopment, infrastructure repair, and water cutoff throughout the United States since 1984.

Lincoln regularly consults with property managers, engineers, contractors, owners, and municipalities to develop effective, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for deficient soils and infrastructure.

Soil grouting is performed without excavation, is minimally-invasive, non-vibratory, and rapidly installed with immediate long-term results.

Our Services

Innovative Patented Technologies

Lincoln Company, LLCs patented technologies include a Below Grade Pipeline and P-trap Lifting Device designed to eliminate pipe joint separation during concrete raising operations and requires no excavation.  For more information on pipeline raising, review Infrastructure repairs.

The remaining patented innovative technology is a Below Grade Infrastructure Locating Device with the ability to locate below grade infrastructure, foundations, pipelines and sheeting without excavation up to one quarter on an inch. For more information in this innovative technology go to Consulting/Investigations