Water Migration Control Services

Lincoln Company offers a variety of water cut-off services to control ground water migration and reservoir water loss.

Grout Cut-Off Walls To Control Seepage

Water cut-off wall below a flood wall.

Grout cut-off walls control ground water flow through rock and soils. By creating a vertical barrier and filling pores in the existing formation, these installations reduce its ability to conduct water.

Grout cut-off walls are appropriate for a number of applications that require the inhibition of water migration, including:

  • Contaminated ground water containment
  • Prevent ground water flow through buried waste
  • Adjacent to and/or below dams
  • Rock formation tunneling and excavation
  • Prevent seepage into an excavation

Lincoln Company understands the fundamental safety and environmental concerns related to ground water seepage cut-off walls, and we are committed to executing these projects with the utmost precision.

Low water condition in a retention pond adjacent to a residential development.

Grouting to Stop Pond Water Loss

Retention pond water loss can occur around storm line outlets in a pond's perimeter. Water can also migrate via faulty pipe joints and through the stone pipeline bedding material. This can result in:

  • Fluctuating water levels
  • Unacceptable lowering of water level
  • Shoreline erosion
  • Lawn maintenance issues
  • Unsightly views

Stabilizing the water level by preventing water loss eliminates the need for expensive erosion control measures. Grouting of the stone pipeline bedding around problem joints creates an impermeable bulkhead, which prevents water migration and associated pond water loss.

Grouting controls water loss from earthen dams by cutting off seepage at the base of the structure.

Grouting to Seal Earthen Dams

Earthen dams are typically constructed of a densely compacted clay material. Natural erosion, buried structures and insufficient compaction can provide pathways for water seepage, and over time the construction material weakens from moisture saturation.

An investigation must be conducted to identify flow paths and determine the appropriate corrective measures. A grouting plan can be developed based on this analysis, and then implemented to seal the leaks.

Lincoln Company understands that earthen dam leaks are also caused by tunneling rodents, such as ground hogs, muskrats and beavers. We are experienced with the grouting techniques necessary to permanently seal burrows while observing the protocols necessary for protection of the species.

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