Sinkhole Remediation Services

Sinkholes can cause enormous damage to municipal infrastructure such as roads and pipelines. In addition to inconveniences such as traffic disruptions, they can damage vehicles and buildings, and pose a serious risk of injury to the public.

This sinkhole that formed in a busy Oak Park intersection was filled with aggregate, then grouted for long term stability.

Sinkholes and the underground voids that create them can form in many ways, including:

  • Natural erosion
  • Soil loss in rock formations
  • Broken utility lines
  • Leaking pipelines
  • Improper de-watering
  • Improper pipeline installations
  • Improper industrial operations

Grouting for Sinkhole Prevention

Pipeline joint failure is a common cause of underground voids, and maintaining joint integrity and flow lines minimizes the risk of void formation. For existing voids, the use of fill and grouting techniques will prevent collapse and mitigate the risk of sinkhole formation.

Signs a sinkhole may be forming include:

  • Sunken areas on property
  • Cracking and settlement of roads or parking lots
  • Cracking and settlement of concrete slabs

The specific grouting technique appropriate to address any given void or sinkhole is determined by inspection by an experienced Lincoln Company engineer.

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