Shoreline Erosion

Permeation Grouting - A Soil Stabilization Solution to Immobilize Running Sands

Wave action is the number one cause of soil erosion. Even structurally designed retention systems are not immune to the effects of soil loss between sheet pile joints, around the edges, or from below shallow retention walls. Most erosion control systems are affected to some greater or lesser degree of scouring erosion forces. One of the best ways to inhibit soil loss is through permeation grouting.

This environmentally benign minimally invasive process is performed without excavation or slab removal. Solidifying soils into a uniform monolithic soil mass immobilizes running sands and is resistant to the forces of erosion.


  • Non-vibratory
  • Densifies soil
  • Long-term results
  • Provides structure support
  • Inhibits the lateral migration of water
  • No excavation
  • No slab removal
  • High strength

Services Include:

  • Sinkhole grouting
  • Structure support for home and retention walls
  • Concrete crack repair - epoxy injection
  • Soil stabilization
  • Patented sheet pile dept locating process without excavation
  • Void filling
  • Sheet pile joint sealing
  • Investigations