Emergency Services

Lincoln Company understands that serious problems can arise suddenly, causing costly disruptions to commercial operations and municipal services. Because of this, we are available to provide commercial organizations, municipalities and departments of transportation with emergency response services.

Sinkholes should be addressed quickly in order to restore normal traffic flow.

Sinkhole Remediation Emergency Response

When sinkholes appear suddenly, they often create dangerous conditions, disrupting traffic and potentially damaging ground level structures.

Sinkholes must to be remediated as soon as possible in order to safely and securely restore normal traffic flow, as well as commercial and municipal operations.

Grouting is a fast, effective and non-invasive technique that can be deployed safely and rapidly for emergency sinkhole remediation.

Water damage can cause service disruptions or damage to property.

Water Infiltration Emergency Response

It is critical to immediately address water infiltration of commercial operations housing costly and sensitive electronic equipment in order to prevent disruptions ranging from minor inconveniences such as hotel guest elevator service to regional and potentially national service disruptions, such as banking and communications.

Lincoln Company has the expertise to address water infiltration and associated damage for a variety of structures, including:

  • Data centers
  • Communication vaults
  • Elevator pits
  • Medical record storage centers
  • Tunnels

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